Feminine Infusion
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“The biggest step you can take is having the courage to live your truth and when you step into your own unique power anything is possible.”


Feminine infusion is a global sisterhood that blends mind + body connection and empowerment to reclaim our feminine power.

We are a tribe of heart-centered entrepreneurs, creatives, change makers and healers.


Are you ready to uplevel your life

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For too long I lived a life in which I subscribed to roles that weren't true to myself. I stayed in jobs that hurt my soul. I dated men who didn't honor me. When I started my business, I worked nonstop trying to prove my value to everyone but myself. Despite working 80 to 100 hours each week, I wasn't getting closer to my goals of traveling the world and running a location independent business. I was 20 pounds overweight and was in a shame spiral so deep that it impacted my relationships and ability to manifest abundance. 

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Meet The Team


         Lacey McLaughlin


Lacey McLaughlin is a professional writer and founder of Idea Dinners, a venture that provides curated dining events to bring innovators and thought leaders together and build community. She is the host of the "Who You Know" podcast and creator of the "Tell Your Truth" content workshop for female entrepreneurs.


Ciara Ocasio


                        CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Ciara Ocasio, originally from New Jersey, moved to Florida at 10 years of age! Ciara’s ‘day job’ is acting as Development Coordinator for the Conklin Center for the Blind, which she loves! She was also just recently honored as one of this year’s New Journals 40 under 40. Ciara also recently graduated from the Daytona Chambers Leadership Daytona Class XXXVII.