A global sisterhood that supports and connects women through education, live events and mind + body connection. 

We are a tribe of heart-centered entrepreneurs + change makers.




Everest Base Camp Trek

Khumbu Region, Nepal

October 2018

If you crave adventure and want to challenge yourself to live life on a higher level, this women's trek will take you to through the stunning landscape of the Khumbu region of Nepal to the base of Mt. Everest. It is arduous and challenging, but this journey will make you feel proud of yourself for the rest of your life.

Mind + Body Empowerment Retreat

Uvita Costa Rica

January 2019

Connect with your inner guidance through intuition, yoga, meditation, breath work, reiki, sound healing, energy work, massages, plant medicine, dance and nutrition, in beautiful Costa Rica.




Lacey McLaughlin

Hi! I'm Lacey. I am passionate about connecting and empowering strong women so that we can all rise up together. 

I curate events to help women like you form supportive tribes, share stories and form relationships to take your life or business to the next level. 

But I haven't always been like this. 

For too long I lived a life in which I subscribed to roles that weren't true to myself. I was a high-achiever with low self confidence, which resulted in becoming a workaholic. 

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Virtual Intensive

In a world with so many distractions and noise, telling your story in a unique and relevant way has never been more important.


Live Intensive

By telling your story with an authentic voice your audience craves, you have the opportunity to be seen by those who matter most.



Meet the team


Lacey McLaughlin


Lacey McLaughlin is a professional writer and founder of Idea Dinners, a venture that provides curated dining events to bring innovators and thought leaders together and build community. Lacey is host of the "Who You Know" podcast and creator of the "Tell Your Truth" content workshop for female entrepreneurs.