Workaway Weekend


Savannah, Georgia

June 14 - 18

Have a big vision and love collaborating with empowered women? 

If you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and get to work but struggle to carve out the time, Workaway Weekend is where you can make focused progress on that big project, new offering or upcoming launch.

Known for its southern charm, cobblestone streets and well-manicured parks with oak tree canopies, Savannah is the perfect place to connect with your new business besties and enjoy a slower place of life while finding inspiration for all your big ideas. 

Picture a dreamy luxury house, curated dining experiences, co-working sessions with your new business besties and time to recharge in a supportive and beautiful setting. 


 Click to learn more about Emily

Click to learn more about Emily

Featured Expert: Emily Cassel a Mentor Masterclass Certified Life, Business, + Leadership Coach for high achieving women on a mission to make the world a better place. She holds a BA in Psychology, Marketing, & Sustainable Food Systems from Chatham University, has been recognized as one of the top 100 Life Coach Blogs by Feedspot, and her work has been featured on The Huffington Post and Best Kept Self, among other notable online publications.

Emily is the podcast host of Sexy Soulful Success, where she holds a space for visionary conversations with inspiring women leaders to redefine success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women.

Through private + group coaching, a high-level business mastermind, and live events, Emily guides ambitious women toward their greatest aliveness + success by embracing more freedom, flow, and fulfillment through a revolutionary approach to success that’s sustainable and avoids burn-out, stress, + stuckness.

By connecting to our innate feminine wisdom, being part of a like-hearted group of women in sisterhood, clarifying a strategic + soulful action plan, & staying devoted to our vision + mission, Emily believes that all women are leaders and can create world-changing impact for themselves, for all women, and for our world.


Your Host: Lacey McLaughlin

As the host of Workaway Weekend, Lacey McLaughlin combines her passion for story telling and community building to create events that showcase creativity and promote honest conversation to help women form supportive tribes. As the founder of Idea Dinners and Feminine Infusion, Lacey has a proven track record of hosting premium curated events that offer a transformative experience for those who attend.

Lacey is the host of the Who You Know podcast where she explores the stories behind relationships and helps others build their networks. As a former journalist with a passion for empowering women through owning their authentic stories, Lacey offers Tell Your Truth workshops and intensives so that you can blend who you are with what you do and attract your audience by owning your authentic truth.


 Click to learn more about lacey

Click to learn more about lacey


The Art of Feminine Leadership: Leveraging Your Innate Wisdom For Greater Impact In Your Business

  • Understanding + utilizing your cyclical nature as a tool for increasing productivity
  • How to make aligned decisions using both feelings and logic
  • Cultivating deep self-trust + connection with your inner wisdom
  • Mastering the dance of being both soft & strong as a modern-day woman
  • Accessing and embracing your fullest expression as the woman you're here to be
  • Understanding your personal + professional mission and core message

Balancing Hustle + Flow: Strategies for Sustainable Productivity in your Business + Life

  • How to use the four seasons of sustainable success to inform your self-care + actions
  • The in's & out's of creating supportive boundaries between work + life
  • Giving yourself guilt-free permission to rest & simply be instead of "doing"
  • Balancing all of your life's roles while creating an impact
  • Why our obsession with to-do lists isn't helping us achieve more
  • Avoiding burn-out, overwhelm, + stress

Trailblazing a New Success Narrative for Women

  • Why our current success model is linear, forceful, + hierarchical and what to do about it
  • Silencing the pesky inner critic that tells us we can't break out of the norm
  • Understanding our primal feminine instincts, wisdom, + needs in the context of modern day life and work
  • How to create a life of powerful impact while maintaining a sense of flow + effortlessness
  • Why "women supporting women" needs to be more than just a hashtag

Learn to Tell Your Truth

  • Guided writing and interviewing exercises to bring your story to life
  • Defining the unique skills and gifts you bring to others
  • How to identify and own your platform
  • Exercises to help you write your empowerment code and personal purpose statement
  • A strategy for turning your vulnerability into strength and connecting with your audience
  • Empowerment for owning your story and becoming an authority with your voice


(*Please note that the schedule is subject to change)

What's Included

Save your spot! The cost to attend is $2,300  (or a $300 deposit and four payments of $500) and includes: 

Group accountability call after the weekend

All meals, drinks and snacks during your stay

Four-night, three day all inclusive stay in a luxury house

Group excursion and workouts based on your preference! 

Virtual intensives with our expert in the weeks leading up the weekend

Customized plan for your desired project or weekend goals and monthly check-in calls