What if you could feel confident in your business while harnessing your feminine energy to create balance, abundance and the freedom to live each day in your authentic truth? What if you could work from your core genius and build your business from a place of self love, empowerment and clarity?



-Connect with your inner guidance through intuition, yoga, meditation, breath work, reiki, sound healing, energy work, massages, dance and nutrition.

-Find the courage to live in your truth and make decisions based on what brings you the greatest joy and fufillment.

-Discover inner peace and confidence that comes from speaking your truth, releasing negative emotions and unresolved pain.

-Connect with your body through mind + body practices and develop a greater sense of self worth.

-Unroot  mindset blocks and fears that prevent you from reaching the highest level of success.

-Create a strategy for building a profitable business that reflects your lifestyle and highest purpose.

-Rediscover your Why and create a mission statement and desire map for aligning with your core truth and fufilling your deepest desires.

-Connect and share stories over beautiful holistic meals in a beautiful setting.

-Reconnect with nature: surf, hike, play in the ocean, star gaze, bird watch, visit waterfalls.

-Experience a cacao ceremony to open your heart and connect with your desires.

-Plant Medicine workshop - learn about the sacred uses of plant medicine for healing

Pura Vida Retreat 

Costa Rica 

January 13 - 17

This is a 4-day retreat on the coast of Costa Rica where you can heal and break free of the stories that prevent you from reaching success. You’ll have the opportunity to connect and learn from like minded women and break free from self limiting beliefs while finding inspiration to fufill your highest purpose.

Feminine Infusion brings together mind + body practices and mindset exercises to give you tools to harness your power and define your own personal success. You will have the opportunity to identify obstacles, limiting beliefs and behaviors getting in the way of your success in a supportive, loving space.



If you are familiar with Pura Vida, you know that Costa Rica is the perfect backdrop for finding clarity in nature, rooting yourself in simplicity and having the space to rediscover your inner truth. During this retreat you will not only find empowerment in a supportive, loving space but you will also have time to explore local beaches, waterfalls and experience Pura Vida on your terms.


$1,900, includes all meals and accommodations